Standards Based Learning

Standards Based Learning with Curriculum Matrix

Quick, Easy, Efficient

EdGate Correlation Services is the company that has created and maintains the Matrix for you. Your version of the Curriculum Matrix® comes pre-loaded with your state standards, the Common Core standards and links to over 500,000+ pieces of content. It also includes the EdGate Curricular Concepts to help with lesson planning.

Since the collaboration of the Common Core State Standards Initiative in 2009, EdGate has monitored this state-led effort from the development of the first draft standards written to the final versions released in June 2010. The Matrix includes:

  • One-click mapping of Common Core standards to other standard to quickly view content that is appropriate for either set of standards
  • Easy way to upload content and align to one or more standards in the established profile
  • Sharing, saving, and editing functions throughout the system.