Project Managers / Subject Area Experts


Language Arts/ESL

Jodi WaughJodi Waugh - Language Arts

Jodi has been EdGate's English Language Arts Project Manager for over 9 years, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience from her years in the K-12 classroom. A former commercial pilot, Jodi demands accuracy and attention to detail.  As a Project Manager, she uses her problem solving skills to ensure that EdGate exceeds our client's expectations on all fronts.


Nancy RubeschNancy Rubesch - Language Arts Correlator

Nancy Rubesch correlates English, Arts and Computer Technology materials and standards. She has thirty years of teaching secondary English and Visual Arts. She previously worked for several years as a feature writer for a city newspaper, has taught high school art and has been a practicing artist for many years. She has a Masters in Finance and, in addition, has received several Fulbright and National Endowment to the Humanities awards enabling her to do graduate work in Asian and Middle East Studies in China, India, Israel and Egypt. She has been with EdGate since 2004.


Tammy ReidTammy Reid - Content Specialist

Tammy joined the EdGate team in 2014. She graduated from Iowa State University in 2002 with a BS in Elementary Education and a BFA in Fine Arts. With over 12 years of experience in education, Art and Business, she joined our Language Arts and Social Studies teams as a Content Specialist and Correlator. Currently living in Gig Harbor, she enjoys spending time exploring and photographing the Key Peninsula with her family, watching her son’s games, and actively volunteering in the local elementary schools.


Michael Walpole - Mathematics Project Manager

Michael Walpole has a B.A. degree in Mathematics from Reed College and an M.S. degree in Mathematics from Ohio State University. He has been working in the educational software field since 2000 as an editor, subject expert, standards correlator, assessment coordinator and technical liaison. He has also taught mathematics at the community college level. When not working, he enjoys long-distance walking and reading voraciously on a wide variety of subjects.


John Kullberg - Math Subject Lead

John Kullberg has over 30 years experience teaching Mathematics at the high school level. Since coming to work for EdGate, John has been involved with correlating mathematics materials with current standards and has worked in digital media review, writing and evaluating quiz questions for digital media. He was the head wrestling coach at Central Kitsap High School for 27 years and in November, 2011, he was inducted into the Washington State Wrestling Coaches Hall of Fame.


Kathy Siqueland - Science Subject Lead

Kathy brings 10 years of experience teaching all aspects of science in grades 5-12 to the EdGate team. She also taught Math and Health for grades 6-8 and tutored all subject areas for home-bound students afflicted by severe illnesses. She has been part of the EdGate team since 2005, specializing in content correlation and standards. She also helped in the development and maintenance of EdGate’s controlled vocabulary, assessment projects, and Curriculum Matrix science content including the iPad project.  Kathy loves to spend quality time with her husband and four grown children.


Keegan BurmarkKeegan Burmark - Science Correlator

Keegan joined the EdGate team in 2012. He graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in Secondary Science Teaching. Since graduating he has been teaching science at Orting High School. At Orting High School Keegan teaches a variety of science subjects including Physical Science, Biology, Zoology, and AP Biology. Keegan also teaches for the Rainier Scholars Program in Seattle during the summer. During his spare time, Keegan likes to spend time with his daughter Violet by going hiking and checking out the animals at the zoo!

Social Studies

Jennifer LarsonJennifer Larson - Social Studies Project Manager

Jennifer Larson has been working as the Social Studies Project Manager at EdGate since 2004. Her problem solving skills, desire for excellence and commitment to customer service has made Jennifer an asset to EdGate's remarkable group of dedicated educators. Jennifer has a BA in History with a minor in Political Science and a Social Science Teaching Credential with a Crosscultural, Language and Academic Development certification. Correlating a myriad of material from multimedia projects, to textbooks, to daily news stories, Jennifer gets to combine her love for history and politics with outstanding publisher content.


Alex Alo - Social Studies Correlator

Alex has been with Edgate since 2009. She started out reviewing, segmenting, and summarizing documentaries and other educational films. This experience made her a perfect addition to the social studies team, where she currently uses her knowledge of history and social sciences to accurately correlate publisher content. Over the last 5 years Alex has spent many volunteer hours in elementary school classrooms, which has given her a great understanding of how teachers can best be supported by educational materials. Alex’s passion for education and BBA make her a diligent and valuable member of the EdGate team.

Digital/Video Content

Kathleen IdeguchiKathleen Ideguchi - Digital Content Project Manager

Kathleen Ideguchi has been with EdGate for 10 years with a strong technical background and a Master in Business Administration. As a project manager, Kathleen works with clients that have digital and online content. She has extensive knowledge of EdGate’s correlation and product delivery tools and works with the technical team to implement improvements to EdGate products.


Anna Verratti - Correlator

Anna grew up in the Panama Canal Zone, lived twenty-two years in Costa Rica and Mexico City where she taught ESL at intervals. She has a BA in English Literature and a MA in Education with emphasis in TESOL. After teaching high school Spanish in San Diego for fifteen years, she presently lives in Gig Harbor, WA where she enjoys segmenting and summarizing Learn 360 films and any Spanish films that come her way.


Lisa WaughLisa Waugh - Digital Content and Health/PE Project Manager

Part of the EdGate family since 2004, Lisa leads a team that reviews, segments, and summarizes archival, documentary and educational film footage. She has taught culinary arts and life skills and has worked as a consultant for a major telecommunications company, bringing over 25 years of experience in managing projects, data, and human resources. Lisa got her Master’s Degree in Existential Phenomenological Psychology from Seattle University and is involved with adoptive and foster parent counseling and education in the community. Lisa is wild about her children and grandchildren.


Holly Newman Dzyban - Correlator Holly Newman Dzyban

A writer by training and an educator by inclination, Holly Newman Dzyban crafts film descriptions and creates lesson plans for EdGate. She was raised in libraries and military communities from Upper Michigan to South Korea. She holds degrees in journalism and German, and is currently finishing her MA in English. In her spare time, Holly runs a science education organization, edits copy for a daily newspaper, and writes creative non-fiction. She is genuinely excited about Common Core.


Naomi MortonNaomi Morton - Correlator

Naomi Morton has been a part of the EdGate family since 2010, fulfilling duties in two capacities. She segments and summarizes educational videos and archival films as well as supports teacher, parent and student users of Naomi’s teaching experience includes early childhood education in the private sector and countless hours of volunteer work in her local elementary school. She holds a degree in communication and a certificate of completion from the Long Ridge Writer’s Group.


Katherine Schugren-Meyer - Correlator

Katherine joined the EdGate team in 2012 segmenting and summarizing educational films. She has a BA in history and Latin American studies and an MSc in environmental sustainability. She has lived and studied in Spain, Germany and Sweden, and has done volunteer food system research for agricultural non-profits. She enjoys yoga, gardening, and training for triathlons with her husband.