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EdGate Correlation Services is a member of the EDmin family


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Recognized as an industry leader in learning management and instructional technologies, EDmin’s solutions are employed in more than 500 school districts in all 50 states throughout the U.S – including intermediate units and state departments of education as well as the leading publishers of textbooks and supplemental materials.

EDmin was the first company to offer a comprehensive learning systems approach to managing student performance aligned to standards. EDmin’s expertise with statewide and large district implementations and planning processes are well known and in evidence in many of the leading school districts across the country such as Montgomery County and Harford County, MD, Lake Washington, WA and Cobb County GA.


EdGate Correltion Services

EdGate Correlation Services offers a unique and comprehensive selection of alignment services to educational entities and publishers worldwide. Content is aligned using the ECS Standards Repository, the largest, most comprehensive and up-to-date standards repository in the world. It houses metadata for more than 500,000 pieces of publisher content.

In addition to content alignment, the following products and services are available:

  • Suite of online tools performs functions such as gap analysis, in-house correlations or refinement of existing correlations
  • One-time correlation reports
  • Licensed and associated standards that integrate it into your search technology
  • Precise indexing and searching, content may be aggregated to create the following, all based on state standards
  • Develop and revise content such as lesson plans, assessments and online activities

For more information visit the EdGate Correlation Services website.


Total Reader

Total Reader is an online reading assessment program that will measure and improve a student’s reading level by:

  • Tracking reading progress in real time
  • Identifying the correct reading level for each student and providing independent practice
  • Matching student reading level to books

Total Reader can be integrated into the INFORM® Learning System or purchased as a stand-alone program for a school or business. This research-proven tool is also available to individuals.

For more information, please visit the Total ReaderWebsite.


INFORM Learning System

INFORM® is a comprehensive reporting application that can display multiple measures of student progress and transform performance data into actionable information. State-of-the-art reporting in dashboard, tabular and graphical formats can display longitudinal, comparative, predictive and trends analysis functionality. INFORM® serves as the driver for all reporting needs in the INFORM® Learning System. It may also be purchased as a stand-alone program.

For more information, please visit the INFORM® Website.


SchoolNomics uses IN$ITE®, the award-winning financial analysis model for education, to produce easy-to-understand cost-benefit and return-on-investment reports. Implemented statewide in three states, SchoolNomics helps educators identify successful programs and best practices that enable cost-effective student improvement. SchoolNomics may be integrated into the INFORM® Learning System or purchased as a stand-alone program.

For more information, please visit the SchoolNomics Website.