Learn More About Curriculum Matrix

With one single query, educators can access content, concepts, standards, as well as resources that complement your district’s textbooks.

Patented Technology

The Curriculum Matrix® is powered by sophisticated, patented education-based technology that makes it simple for educators to find educational standards and concepts for use in the classroom.

  • Quickly find recommendations from subject matter experts who've curated 500,000+ grade-specific quality digital resources
  • The Matrix covers all grades, all subjects and all formats
  • All resources are aligned to the lowest level of standards, textbooks and curricular concepts
  • Find interactives, online videos and student activities for all learning levels
  • Use the Curriculum Matrix® on any mobile device or tablet.
  • Make a seamless transition to Common Core, using a powerful tool to map current curriculum to new standards
  • Find differentiated content to assist students at all levels of learning, aligned to specific standards and/or an identified learning objective; filter to find specific resources, such as video or interactive resources
  • Create and embed a dynamic district Scope and Sequence
  • Access subscription content and add references to adopted or iPad versions of textbooks; access the built-in Correlation Tool to upload your personal or district lessons and align them to standards or textbooks
  • Save content collections for your curriculum planning; easily share curriculum plans and rate content, comment or share with fellow educators
  • Moderate and approve aligned student resources for district-wide use