CMX Tools

CMX Tools


Search Tool

The Search function allows users to easily input a search term to locate games, videos, interactive exercises, quizzes and more - all grouped by grade level, subject area, and categories.

Search Tool

All the CMX resources have been reviewed for specific attributes to help locate resources by content type, format, grade, source, and language.

My Binder

The My Binder link opens a display of Favorites, Folders, and Bookmarks.

My Binder

Found an item you really love? Favorites are those resources that have been selected using the heart icon on a resource.Favorites

Doing a report on Ancient Civilizations and want to classify resources into folders? Use the folders tool to get organized.folders

Sometimes specific search terms yield great results. Save those searches by using our Bookmarks feature.bookmarks


This link takes you to the list of resources assigned by your teacher.

My Assignments

To complete your assignments, you will need to click on each resource and watch the associated videos or complete the exercises as appropriate for each assignment.


CMX was created by EdGate, the educational standards experts. Therefore, all resources are aligned to educational standards.

The graduation cap links the user to the academic standards to which this resource is aligned.cap

The forward icon allows the user to e-mail the link to another user.forward

The information icon displays additional information about the resource like Content Type, Format, Grade Range, Language, Source, and the Source’s