CMX Curriculum Overview

CMX Curriculum Overview

Expertly Selected by Educators

CMX provides access to thousands of vetted web-based resources that have been aligned to educational standards by subject matter expert professional educators. We are constantly added new resources to keep CMX fresh!

Expertly Aligned to Educational Standards
The CMX comes pre-loaded with your state’s standards, the Common Core standards, and more.  Read more about standards alignments.

Explore diverse Content types

The content in Curriculum Matrix® covers all subjects in grades K-12 and consists of many content types and formats such as video, interactive exercises, lessons, assessment questions, printables, quizzes and more.

Explore our Subject Areas

Language Arts
Social Studies
Health and PE
Arts Education
World Languages

Extraordinary Sources

What kinds of resources will you find in the CMX? Only the crème de la crème from organizations like Khan Academy, Texas Instruments, PBS, and the Smithsonian. We’ve included the best open educational resources (OER) and freely available digital content and used them to build CMX. Get a sneak peek for Free!

Excellent for Students on the Go

Students can access curriculum from any device, whether it’s a smartphone, a tablet, laptop, or desktop. Using responsive design, an easy-to-use interface, and smart searching, CMX makes it easy for students to find the right content at the right time.