March 2015 - Top Stories

What's the next big thing in K-12 educational technology?

Classroom courses that we would have envisioned in a Star Trek episode will soon be coming to the classroom.  3D printing courses, also known as Makerspaces, will be hot in the next couple of years, as will education on drones and wearable technologies.

The Teacher Who Believes Math Equals Love

What makes a great teacher great? One math teacher uses DIY projects to help her students understand math by using everything from a flower pot, a garbage can, a roll of tape, and loose spaghetti.

Momentum Grows for Digital-Content 'Interoperability' Standards

Many large school districts across the country are beginning to require their vendors to adopt "interoperability standards" put forth by the IMS Global Learning Consortium. These requirements include packaging of content from multiple sources with a single login and password, without ever leaving a single online platform.

When should teachers use tech to teach the Common Core?

 In many American classrooms, the effort to teach the new Common Core standards has become intertwined with a growing movement to add more technology into daily lessons. But are Common Core and technology really compatible?