State and District Push Back on Common Core

A big THANK YOU to those we had an opportunity to meet at NSTA. It was a pleasure speaking with you to learn more about your products and we look forward to the chance to meet again.

Attending conferences such as the NSTA is a great way to connect with our clients face to face, meet new potential partners, and ensure we stay abreast of what is happening in the industry. From cutting- edge technology to the ever-changing issues in standards, we make assertive efforts to have the information and services you need!

What seems to be the latest, most common message amongst publishers is the pushback they are getting from states, districts, and educators on content aligned to Common Core. While many or most states have adopted the Common Core and/or NGSS, either verbatim with the addition of their own standards, some states would like to be autonomous.

If you are experiencing this pushback and do not have the resources to correlate and/or maintain your correlations to the individual STATE standards, here are some benefits of partnering with EdGate:  

  • Standards Experts. Our standards team aggressively monitors changes in standards, managing and keeping our repository of over 2 million standards up to date;
  • Subject Experts. Our subject experts (all former educators) have over 200 years combined experience in education and review/correlation of content;
  • Proprietary Taxonomy. Our proprietary Concept Index (taxonomy) has been refined and tested over a decade;
  • Efficient = Cost Effective. Our methodology allows for correlating content to any/all standards in "one fell swoop", not standard-by-standard;
  • Sophisticated Technology. After the content is reviewed and tagged by our subject experts, our technology seamlessly creates the global alignment to any/all standards which contain or "share" the same concepts;

We would love the opportunity to share more information with you about our services and demonstrate how your content can meet ALL STATE standards.

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