K12 OER Collaborative Announces Winners of the Rapid Prototype Phase of the Project

EdGate Correlation Services has been selected by Victory Productions to help develop rapid prototype units for the K-12 OER (Open Educational Resources) Collaborative this spring.As announced by The Learning Accelerator, Victory Productions is one of 10 content developers creating prototypes for the Collaborative, a group of 12 states creating comprehensive open educational resources for K-12 mathematics and English language arts aligned to state learning standards. The goal is for school districts to transition from using textbooks to online instructional materials with licenses that allow users to adapt and customize the content. Victory Productions is developing high school mathematics curriculum which EdGate will review to ensure thorough alignment to state learning standards. EdGate will also supply links to web based instructional resources that are also aligned to state learning standards as complements to the units.

More information can be found here

By: Kathleen Ideguchi 
Project Manager