Foundational Strategies as a Tool for Common Core at All Grade Levels

According to Professor Maria Mongillo, elementary and secondary school teachers will benefit from reviewing strategies established in Early Childhood Common Core Standards as a foundational teaching tool for learning at any grade level. Teachers can utilize simple techniques used for hands on learning to develop targeted learning centers with high quality materials. Exposing students to concrete examples that pull from their personal experience and develop critical thinking skills will fortify their drive to solve problems presented in real world applications. Planning for learning provides a platform for exploration, repetition and opportunity for cross-curricular openings to engage students by utilizing their interests. Beyond traditional writing and testing, utilizing multiple platforms for learning gives the student opportunity to demonstrate and verbalize their understanding of the material and an alternate source of evaluation for the teacher. The simple lower grade concepts of hands on learning, using concrete examples, repetition and routine, and allowing students to demonstrate and vocalize information provides wide platform for interpretation that can be utilized at any grade level to engage all students.

EdGate currently maintains Early Childhood Standards for all 51 states and is currently updating to the 2015 Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework: Ages 3 to 5, which focuses on the foundational learning practices that prepare young children for successful entry into school.

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By: Tammy Reid
Content Specialist