Correlation User Interface Data Analytics

Attention all EdGate Correlation User Interface (CUI) clients! We need your help.

As a leading educational service provider, it is our mission to ensure we are on top of current trends and issues that are important to our clients. It is imperative to EdGate that we are providing solutions that meet our clients' needs.

On the forefront, we recognize a growing demand for data analytics. In recent months our team has been brainstorming different ways in which our sophisticated technology can be best utilized to help our clients track and analyze data that filters through correlation user interfaces.

Currently we have the ability to track data such as the number of hits per day, week, and month, however are looking to our clients for feedback regarding other data that would be meaningful to examine.

We want to know:

  1. How important and/or useful would CUI data analytics services be to you?
  2. What types of data analytics information would you find valuable to help your business?

To provide feedback or for more questions please contact us.

To reach our Sales and Marketing Team, choose your contact below:
Gina Faulk
General Manager
Tracy Olstad
Account Manager
Larry Johnson
Client Relationship Manager