Common Core - First 5 Years

In the last five years, the Common Core State Standards have certainly had quite a ride...and had to develop some tough skin along the way. By 2011, 46 states plus D.C. had adopted the Common Core for their language arts and math standards; the 4 states of Alaska, Nebraska, Texas, and Virginia never adopted. While the science and social studies were never developed as originally planned, applying the language arts 'Literacy' standards for reading and writing to existing science and social studies standards seem to suffice.

Today, 42 states and D.C. remain with both of the Common Core language arts and math standards, and Minnesota only implementing the language arts standards; Indiana, Oklahoma, and South Carolina have pulled out, reverting to their own standards.

States seem to have settled in now, so perhaps most of the bumpy ride is over. Let's hope the next 5 years are a much smoother ride, exhibiting collaboration, rather than confrontation!

Further reading can be found at Education Week

By: Larry Johnson
Project Manager